IGP is the authority for independent property inspections in Spain.

IGP (Inspección General de Propiedades: General Property Inspection) carries out inspection, analysis and certification for the real estate sector. IGP is the registry where inspection data is stored and monitored. The fact that the data is stored and monitored is what makes the IGP document valuable, because strict rules are applied to ensure correct realisation of the work.

The inspections are made by the most suitable professionals for the task: Architects specialised in building code and town planning and Administrators, who operate according to a fixed template that complies exactly to certain requisites, leaving no ‘wiggle room’ for different interpretation of the facts.

The basis and value of the IGP inspections lies mainly in our values: Integrity and ethics. Values that the professionals involved must keep!

Arbitration Commission

IGP works according to strict internal regulations. We are aware that it is the only way to bring peace to the market, which is currently lacking. In addition to trusting in our own control system, we will give our users the opportunity to express their doubts about situations that are not consistent with the ethics or expectation of the contracted service.

Our arbitration committee, composed of external professionals and internal representatives is randomly selected. It is their task to evaluate the case according to our rules and professional ethics and then to determine a sanctioning process according to the gravity of the offense. The sanctions can range from disciplinary measures to exclusion from the register.

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