The IGP inspection examines the most important aspects of the property

Unfortunately, some real estate is bought, that never would have been bought with the correct information. But the other way around, there is also real estate that is discouraged due to problems that, however, were resolvable. With an IGP inspection and objective advice, every purchaser is able to make the right decision to avoid disappointment and problems afterwards.

It is normally the seller who will bear the costs for the IGP inspection, unless you agree otherwise. Please note that some sellers only carry out the inspection if there is an agreement. In that case, sign the declaration of intent as drawn up by IGP, whereby the result of the inspection is included as a resolutive condition.

What is being investigated?

A) Administrative aspects

  • Ownership
  • Load analysis
  • Residence permit
  • Cadastral identification
  • Taxes
  • Recommendations

B) Urbanistic aspects

  • Control of surfaces
  • Urban analysis (regulations, qualifications, conditions, etc.)
  • Urban Situation (legality of constructions)
  • Parameter compliance
  • Use
  • Recommendations

The report can also be supplied in any language

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