An IGP purchasing supervisor saves you a lot of time, money, and above all problems

A purchasing supervisor is the coordinator and personal adviser of the buyer and is, as it were, above parties. Just like the property inspection, this function was created by bundling the knowledge and experience of your predecessors (now homeowners). Having your own advisor is anything but superfluous luxury in Spain because of the conflicting interests between the purchaser and the estate agent, the complexity and of course the risks. See some practical examples here why an IGP adviser is so important!

We cannot ignore

The conflicting interests between estate agents and purchasers

The selling estate agent

  • The estate agent is a seller

    A real estate agent is a seller who wants to sell a property from his stock and of course does everything to win your trust. There is nothing wrong with that, unless the buyer thinks or expects that the broker also represents his interests. Remember that no homeowner would have a proerty with a real estate agent if he or she informs the potential buyer of the disadvantages or problems of the property, and also has to pay him.

  • Does not provide locations

    Real estate agents do not publish the most important information, the location of homes. The understandable argument is that the agent does not want you to approach the owner yourself and therefore misses the commission.

  • No information about legal or illegal

    Estate agents do not report whether, and when, a property is legal or illegal and what the consequences are of not having licenses and documents in order. If an agent were to act for the buyer, all information relevant to you would be listed for each home and you would receive important documents such as the escritura, the residence permit and Fin de obra if desired by e-mail. A lawyer is often referred to above, which raises the question of how it is possible that nevertheless a shockingly large number of transactions take place in which a proeprty is subsequently found to be illegal or cannot be insured, reformed or rebuilt!

The purchase supervisor

  • Property finding

    He or she searches on portals, websites of local brokers if desired and sets out your search profile within his or her network. If you want properties to be viewed by your adviser before you come and see for yourself, then that is of course possible.

  • No extra costs

    The purchasing supervisor has no costs, because in Spain it is common for the commission to be shared with the estate agent.

  • Avoid a problem purchase

    Avoid a propblems, a property that is difficult or impossible to sell in the future, or a property where with high costs afterwards for solving problems, not to mention the stress that comes with it.

  • The lowest purchase price

    If desired, the purchase supervisor can negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best purchase price. A role that a real estate agent cannot play. In this way a supervisor pays for himself twice as much.


Be wise and always use a purchasing supervisor!

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  • Full discretion
  • Guidance throughout the buying process
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  • Full discretion
  • Guidance throughout the buying process
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