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The Spanish housing market is international, and we want to achieve a high international standard for imparcial and safe property inspections in Spain with IGP. Buying with confidence is what IGP is working on. Where road safety is increased by mandatory inspections for vehicles, IGP aims for a similar situation for the Spanish real estate market. The IGP inspection is a tool from Casa Propia, the community founded by and for buyers and homeowners. All their experiences are of great value to you!

Innumerable properties have been built, renovated or extended without permission. From pergolas, casitas, swimming pools, to complete houses and buildings.

Properties built, reformed or extended illegally, even when they are prescribed lead to the loss of the validity of the occupancy license and makes a property illegal by law.

Municipalities enforce laws nowaday more strictly. Many people today experience the consequences of the new reality, learning very hard lessons.

Your personal assistent

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Not only safe and trusted, but also cheaper than the regular method!

It is impossible for an estate agent to act for both the buyer and the seller. Apart from the fact that there is a conflict of interest when it comes to the negotiation, the real estate agent in Spain is paid by the seller and has the assignment to sell the property and not to protect buyers from a wrong purchase. No seller would offer his property through an estate agent if he would identify the disadvantages in the interest of the buyer. Finally, it is logical that a broker wants to complete the transaction in his own interest before you view properties with another agent.

The experiences of buyers and homeowners, united in the Casa Propia community, make clear the importance of personal guidance.


Secure purchase of Spanish real estate

Buying a property in Spain is not comparable to buying a property in your own country. Be wise and use the buy safe method developed by IGP based on the practical experience of many buyers and professionals. Avoid surprises, opt for maximum certainty and also save considerably on costs.

Always check a property for legality!

Purchasers and homeowners are rarely informed that a property is illegal sooner than people think, so that the consequences are not revealed. That is why the IGP standard for Spanish real estate has been introduced, where you can quickly and easily see whether a home is legal or illegal with possible consequences.

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A must for all buyers and homeowners in Spain to keep up to date!