Create added value to you new home!

Congratulations, you have decided to buy a property in Spain! We hope that you take all the measures so that your purchase has a happy ending and first of all the security of an IGP inspection, however when fulfilling your dream there may be more. There is a way for your investment to have an added value.

Of course it’s not an obligation, but maybe it’s something to consider; a donation to improve the lives of abandoned children, lonely elderly or animals looking for a second chance, all in the direct surroundings of their new home in Spain.

IGP contributes to a good cause with each inspection because we believe in the value of solidarity, the event of buying a home without a doubt is an event of great happiness, we are sure that this house will have an extra value through a donation, not only to share a little of this happiness with the most needy but also because it is a perfect way to start a positive integration to your new community.

From now on a paella with sangria tastes much better!

On behalf of the foundations with which IGP collaborates, thank you very much,

The IGP team

Luz Plazas


Introducing Luz Plazas. From our first conversations we agreed that many times although we want to help we do not have the means to do so, we have a great challenge ahead, we are aware that being recipients of aid or donations is not only a great responsibility but also requires an image of trust and confidence. Two values ​​for which IGP works constantly. Luz is a psychologist, a person who stands out for her nobility.

It is important to know that there is a special tax treatment in case of donations, like many governments Spain also values ​​the effort of people who make donations to charities.