Our research shows that no one would buy a property can not be insured or reformed, but it happens so many times! How is that possible?

The fact that so many properties have been sold under these circumstances, and are still being offered and sold today, leads to the conclusion that that purchasers and homeowners must not have been given the full information as to the status of their property or perhaps misled at the time of purchase.

In total, it is likely that there have been tens of thousands of transactions in recent years and many more current owners who are still unaware of their situation. That was enough reason to set up Casa Propia, the community for foreign buyers and homeowners. Sharing experiences has resulted in a safe purchase in five steps with an independent property inspection.

All properties that have been built, renovated or extended without permits cannot have a valid Occupancy License and are actually illegal by law.

An illegal status has serious consequences often without the owners and buyers knowing:

    1. WITHOUT INSURANCEDespite paying the insurance premium, the owner for the payment of major damages depends on the benevolence of the insurer. That is no guaranteed coverage. Alarming and unfair!
    2. NOT BE ABLE TE REFORM – A property that cannot obtain a license for renovation until the illegal contructions have been legalized and non-legalizable demolished even when time barred.
    3. OTHER RISKS – Depending on the type of property, city or countryside, there are other things that people need to know which we have incorporated into a scheme (see here)
    4. WITHOUT LEGAL DEFENSE – Knowing that there is jurisprudence that makes it clear that it is very difficult to hold a real estate agency or a lawyer responsable in case of mayor mistakes, is to say that the owners are defenseless, and have to assume all the consequences.

All this is unacceptable because of the damages that they may have not only for themselves but also towards third parties, for example, neighbors or tenants.

Buyers and homeowners united in the Casa Propia community share their experiences and offer the IGP inspection as a preventative measure!

Case studies

Between 300.000 and 500.000 houses with AFO in Andalusië

Read the story of Len and Helen Prior whose home in Vera was demolished by the Junta de Andalucia on the 9th January 2008. They are one of many vistims. The AFO legislation has ensured that 300 to 500,000 families do not have to break down their homes, and have connections to water and light. But all owners are still suffering from with all the negative assumptions that persist with an AFO, as not be able to allowed to reform or rebuild in case of major damage.


Finca with time barred extension

It is part of the culture. Expanding a home without a permit. A homeowner who does not want to be named by name bought a house in Mallorca in 2018.

The broker indicated that the extension was not legal, but it was time-barred. Because of this I would not get any fines and it did not have to be afraid that I had to break off. That was also confirmed by the lawyer. That gave me a certain feeling.

Now I have a serious problem, because I want to renovate and get no permit before I break the tolerated expansion. Without this extension, the house is no longer interesting. It made the house at the time of the purchase so interesting for us. Now I have a house that I can’t do anything with even inside. The architect with whom we wanted to arrange the renovation indicated that the property in the municipality is listed as Fuera de ordanza, which means that the residence permit is no longer valid either. And that appears to be a document that an insurer asks for in the event of major damage. In other words my house is not even insured. We are really mad and disappointed.

Six of the eleven new construction projects do not yet have an official building permit

According to the consumer interest group OCU, six of the eleven new construction projects do not yet have a building permit or the developer is not the owner of the land.

Read the article in El Pais ->

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